MAOH Elementary School Course

MusicAtOurHouse for the Elementary Level covers the history of music through songs from various periods. Here are some samples of the class:

"I would like to say big thank you. Your class actually inspired him [my son] to write. Alexander is 8 and writing has not yet been his interest, but after several lectures he actually asked me if he could write a paragraph. It was quite a surprise to me, a nice surprise. So your class is a double benefit for our family."
--Elena, Parent

Class Resources

Music in the "Cradle of Civilization"--Ancient Greece
Lectures 1-8

Music of India
Lectures 9-10

Roman Music
Lectures 10-11

Lectures 12-20

Lectures 21-26

Lectures 27-32

Enlightenment Classicism
Lectures 33-35

Lectures 36-38

Lectures 38-42

(Lectures 42-43: overall course review)


(Not covered due to time constraints)

Here's a collection of 99 "classical essentials" for only a couple of dollars.