MAOH Jr & Sr High Course

MusicAtOurHouse for the Junior and Senior High Homeschooler teaches music appreciation through history using songs from the various periods, considered in the context of the culture that gave rise to them. Here is a sample lecture:

Class Resources

Introduction to method of comprehensive description and evaluation of music
Lecture 1

Music in the "Cradle of Civilization"--Ancient Greece
Lectures 2-8

Music of India
Lectures 9-10

Roman Music
Lectures 11-12

Medieval Music
Lectures 13-20

Renaissance Music
Lectures 21-26

Lectures 27-32

Enlightenment Classicism
Lectures 33-35

Lectures 36-38

Lectures 38-41

(Lectures 42-43: overall course review)


(Not covered due to time constraints)

Here's a collection of 99 "classical essentials" for only a couple of dollars.